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Global Pets is a Global International Relocation division specialized in transporting your petssafely via air to any part of the world.


Transporting pets is a complex process due to the strict rules of airline companies, bureaucracies and specific laws in each country.  The more exotic your pet is the more particular the situation will be.


The experience of our team assures a smooth process as we offer a full competitive service, personalised and key in hand. We can guarantee, that in our hands these special members of your family will be safely, comfortably and quickly reunited with you at your new destination.


Quality, reliability and excellence are our Values.


Our Mission is to lead the national market, defining new standards and introducing  best practices, which implies a high degree of innovation and commitment to excellence, in order to provide impeccable customer service.


Our Vision is to be the leading company operating in the market and our driving forces are our clients and their appreciation of our service:


“Excellent service. Unmatched!”

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At Global Pets we work daily to achieve the highest level of quality and exceed the expectations of our clients. This posture has allowed Global International Relocation to obtain recognition from International Associations that evaluate quality in the industry. In 2013 our company reached the top national market: 


  • IPATA - International Pet and Animal Transportation Association

  • EURA – The European Relocation Association

  • FIDI – The Federation of International Movers

  • IAM – International Association of Movers

  • LACMA – Latin American & Caribbean Movers Association (UK only)

  • OMNI – Overseas Moving Network International

  • Worldwide ERC – The Employee Relocation Council

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At Global Pets we are recognized by IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association), the only national company to join OMNI, the worldwide network of leading companies in relocation and international MOVING, and the most certified to operate in the sector in Portugal:


  • Pioneering in obtaining the certificates ISO 9001 e 14001;

  • The first portuguese company from few around the world to obtain the FIDI FAIM PLUS certificate, the highest graded international certificate;

  • The only one with a LACMA Certified Packers distinction;


The reason for our excellence? The quality of our human resources and continuing and necessary training to exceed the expectations of our clients. It is with this aim that GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL RELOCATION systematically proceeds to Passport Quality Control of its human resources and service, always looking to reach more and to deliver a better service.

We guarantee quality services. Contact us!

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