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The Global Pets team, specialists in the transport of pets by air or land to any corner of the world, has developed an exclusive van that provides greater comfort, safety, and hygiene for the transported animals. The van, which is already circulating, debuted in August this year.

The van was completely modified with the animals’ welfare in mind. All the exclusive changes were thought by our team, with details that make it possible to take dogs and cats of different weights, sizes and breeds. Get to know some details:

Internal Window

Allows the team to view from the cabin and listen to the animal throughout the journey.

Exclusive air conditioning

The temperature control of the animal area is independent of the control of the team that is in the cabin, which guarantees greater comfort for the pets.

Extractor fan

As part of the exclusive and independent air system, the extractor was designed to help in air circulation and eliminate strong odors to make the animal’s journey more pleasant.

LED lights

Independently controlled LED lights were installed for a better atmosphere for the animal, which allows both better lighting and dim lights when the animal is sleeping.

Hygienic and non-slip flooring

To prevent the odor of animals from remaining in the van, a hygienic floor was chosen which, in addition to not absorbing odors, is easy to clean and wash. Grooves were added to the floor to prevent the transport box from moving, thus ensuring greater safety for the animal.


The entire space was designed to transport boxes of different sizes, from a small Singapore cat to the giant St. Bernard dog. Regardless of size, they are attached to the truck with a system of adjustable handles, which do not let the box move, providing more stability and comfort for the animal.

Access Doors

In addition to the door at the back of the van, the side door works as a support to make access to the animal and even easier when accommodating the transport box.

First aid kit

We have a kit, which we hope never to use, however, if necessary, our team is ready to help the animal that is in transport, for that we provide a first aid kit for the animals.


The cabin can take up to 3 people from the Global Pets team, depending on the breed, size and care needed by the animal.


The design is simple and exclusive. Clients and pet owners can easily identify our van, either when arriving at their residence, meeting them at ports and airports, or even during the journey.

Besides having the top car technologies, such as climate control, GPS, automatic locking and other functions, our van also carries water for the animals, tools for eventual happenings with the cage or the van itself, and a team with great knowledge and especially with great care and affection for the animals.

With this van, we can transport pets by land to any place in Europe, or even take your pet with more comfort and safety to the airport and with our help fly to any place in the world.

With us, you have the guarantee that these very special members of the family will be quickly reunited with you at your destination in all comfort and safety!

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